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lily lied to me

I'm just a painter and I'm drawing a blank.

12 June 1987
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This Journal:

This began as a multifandom rec journal. About half of what I post is still recs, though not all of it. I also post about real life, share music or pictures, and try and recruit you for various and myriad causes.


I am a feminist, vegetarian, queer, activist. I'm working on undergrad degrees in Painting and Woman and Gender Studies. Sometimes I make political posts. Feel free to ask questions or disagree, but hate speech is unwelcome. I'll afford you the same consideration.

Things I like: people, piercings, anarchist hair, art, vegetables, dean spade, alice paul, modernised faerie tales, non-american spellings, dada.

Things I dislike: people who [deliberately] get pronouns wrong, ethnocentrism, heteronormativity, binary gender, carbonated soda.

Things that are inexplicable: people who don't read, war.

My AIM is lilyliedtome.
My gtalk is lilyliedtome.
My personal/RL/non-fannish journal is mutemanifesto.


Do it. I'm nice. If you do add me, though, would you please leave a comment somewhere to let me know that you have? I hardly ever check my profile page, so I don't usually know if I have new friends. And, disclaimer: I do use my flist as a reading list, so if we don't share many fannish interests I may not add you back (though, honestly, I like hearing about the mundane details of other people's lives, so who knows).


My format is usually: title, author, pairing, warning, summary, quote. I don't post ratings - assume everything is nc-17, but I don't usually rec pwps as my tastes run more towards the long and plotty - or word counts, and I reserve the right to change format whenever.

The best way to find recs I've made in the past is by perusing my memories and my tags.

Profile updated: 14 December 2008.